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The Voyageur Spirit is currently contracted to Premier Oil on the Huntington Field. Voyageur Spirit is a 'Sevan 300' cylindrical unit. The Huntington Field is a light oil field with 4 producers and 2 injectors tied back to the Voyageur Spirit. More Information

Video Footage of Voyageur Spirit

Status Producing from the Huntington Field
Year Built 2008
Previous Name(s) SEVAN VOYAGEUR







Recreation Room(s)








Total Ratings: 57

10 User Rated Reviews

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Good crew apart from management. Good vessel would be better if ran better by management. New OIM wtf power trip is he on?

Food okay. Accommodation good. Facilities good. All okay compared to others rigs.


One of the better vessels out there. Clean accommodation. A lot off wingers on it though. They wouldn’t last 2mins else where. Good food compared to other places.

Ginger ninja

Good rig good food good crew. All in all a decent little place


Food is decent compared to other shit holes

Catering stretched.

Loads of whiners in the TK crew they want to go elsewhere and appreciate what they have.

Cabins are decent. Shame about constant bed moves.

Gym n sauna decent if small. Hey it’s a small rig. Suck it up.

Welfare used to be decent now nae money.

Bottom line the rig is decent. The management suck. The crew in general are decent but some of them are right greeting face buggers that haven’t been anywhere else and don’t know when they have it decent.


Horrible food, been on the sister fpso hummingbird and I would rate that 5 star. No need to worry 90 day contract left and it’s gone.

North Sea Traveller

Back again and the place is still run like a concentration camp, very poor and ‘out of their depth’ management. Totally different compared to the sister vessel Hummingbird.

Decent spread on over Xmas by a very stretched catering crew, that were the only good point. Maintenance supervisor is a wank


Unsure if ‘sparkofexcellance’ were on LSD during his trip….more likely a ‘sparky’ with grovelling and words like that. I bet screenshots were taken to show onshore management, to perhaps secure ones position? what a good boy 🙂 I can clarify 1) the offshore management run a Cliquey environment. The staff will always be wrong and kept in the dark. 2) the food and wifi are equally as bad. No healthy eating options with a poor and mouldy bain-marie selection. 3) the day to day crew are a good bunch of guys. The British management ruin the place, bring back the… Read more »


I’m not sure where these other reviewers have been before! Voyageur is a good rig. Food was decent compared to some dumps I have been on. Catering crew are understaffed as usual. So only one steward. The rest of crew have to pick up the slack due to this. It has a knock on effect on moral etc. The shutdown meal I had when I was there was spot on. Superb effort from catering crew. I really couldn’t fault the food if I am honest. WiFi is appalling I agree with that. Bond is dear especially if you are a… Read more »


Not the best, not the worst either. Internet is not fit for purpose

Galley is small, not a great selection for healthy eating. Food options arent great, generally a low quality until a few weekend meals where this changes a little.

A rather unusual management style and culture, similar to a 1980s shell ¨us and them¨ environment were displayed, particularly during morning meetings towards the general crew.

North Sea Traveller

Each year this place goes down hill. After a recent visit i were surprised to see that it had worsened since the last time onboard. The day to day crew are generally decent guys, only a few tossers – Cannot speak much for management (or lack of). Used to be better when the Norwegian team were out there. Food isnt the best – Scraped together meals and an overpriced bond, can understand the various gripes when these guys have to deal with this continuously ly. General housekeeping in accommodation isnt the best either…the rooms are showing signs of wear and… Read more »